Accredited Development Solutions

Vocational qualifications are based on competence within the workplace; they focus on knowledge as well as performance. As a candidate you would be required to submit evidence generated from within your workplace that demonstrates you are meeting the required standards.

We offer unprecedented levels of contact and support through any medium deemed suitable, whether it be face to face meetings, telephone calls, texting or access to our online e-portfolio application. Our proven method will ensure that the vocational route maximises learning opportunities benefiting you and your organisation.

Employer Benefits:

  • Demonstrates the organisation’s dedication to staff and their development
  • Demonstrates a commitment to quality
  • Provide employees with national recognition of skills and competence
  • Enhance job satisfaction for workers and increased motivation

As an SQA centre we are accredited to offer vocational qualifications (known as SVQs) in the following areas:

  Management   Level 3 to 5
  Business and Administration   Level 3
  Retail   Level 3
  Customer Service   Level 3
  IT User   Level 3

Further information can be found on the Scottish Qualifications Authority website.